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Discover the top 5 new Rolex watches for men who strive for excellence. From sporty to classic, find the perfect timepiece for any occasion.

May 4, 2023

Best New Rolex Watches For Men to Buy

Many Rolex watches come to mind when it comes to choosing a one-of-a-kind “must-have” watch to add to your everyday look or use as the ultimate jewel in your collection. However, if you have to pick just five, some exquisite watches will have to go astray.It's a tough decision. This article looks at both the features, functionality, design aesthetics, and market strength of these watches.

Note that while this article focuses on men's watches, women enjoy wearing these watches as well. The trend when buying watches is towards larger and larger watches. Also, women's wrists are slimmer and we can design smaller watches for her 28-35mm, but women love watches that are 40-44mm and can be worn anywhere at work or play. increase.

Plus, we'll focus on the 5 best new Rolex watches to buy, which means we're not looking for vintage models or second-hand models available on the aftermarket. We know that Rolex has changed their design slightly but significantly over time, improving every aspect of their watches, from the strap to the internal caliber. This builds on a pedestal of triumphant history and heritage, rather than making old timepieces obsolete. 


The Rolex Explorer II

Top 4 was easy when ranking the top 5 of the best new Rolex watches. In fact, they are so ingrained in every watch collector's mind that the only decision left was to consider where to place them. First, there was so much competition that it was really difficult to make this decision.But in the end, the Rolex Explorer II had a clear lead over the other models.

First of all, Explorer has a tremendous history. From climbers to cave divers, the explorers were there to make history with the adventurers who accompanied them. It provided precise timekeeping and was able to brave the often brutal elements of cold, poor visibility, and the physical abuse of climbing to survive the rigors of testing.

The Explorer II has all the qualities that make it a Rolex treasure. Reliable and suitable for everyday use as well as sports and other activities. However, this watch has a timeless Rolex look with an Oyster case that is unmistakably 'Rolex', demonstrating the timeless nature of this watch. The new Rolex Explorer II is even more legible thanks to its 42mm case and large hands and indexes. In addition, it features a 24-hour His GMT function and a bright orange His 24-hour hand that can offer his two time zones, displaying his 24-hour timescale around the bezel.

It is available in two colors (black dial and white dial) and is made of durable Oystersteel. The double waterproof Twinlock system gives you water resistance up to 330 feet. Therefore, it is perfect not only for everyday athletics, but also for the sea and the pool. Equipped with the new caliber 3285, which boasts a power reserve of 70 hours.

It also uses high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers and a paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring oscillator to protect against impacts and magnetic interference. With a list price of just $8,550, it's also one of his most affordable Rolex watches. On average in the current Rolex market he is between $14,000 and $16,000 and is all the rage. 


The Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is a classic watch. It was the Rolex that most often appeared on the wrist of the famous character James Bond in the early films of the series, sometimes featuring lasers and spinning blades and other extreme gimmicks. Maybe, but the Submariner rotary blade clock actually worked!!

A dedicated diving watch, the Submariner remains true to the original he model launched in 1953 and is one of his most imitated Rolex watches ever. It has a rotating bezel that rotates in one direction and allows calculation of dive times and decompression stops for up to 60 minutes.

Super bright hands and hour markers change from white to blue in the dark. It's water resistant to at least 1000 feet and comes in two other models. With the Sea Dweller and Deep Sea you can go deeper if you need to. The Triplock waterproof system keeps the screw-down crown from sea water entering the watch.

The new Submariner has been completely redesigned. It is a slightly larger case of 41mm x 40mm. Powered by the new caliber 3230 with a power reserve of 70 hours. It also includes a top-of-the-line chronometer indicating that it is 'officially certified' on the dial itself. Currently available in eight styles, available alone or in combination with yellow gold, Oystersteel and white gold. The bezel and dial use either black, blue, or green color combinations.

The classic Submariner has a black dial, black bezel, Oystersteel and no date. It's hard to find a new Rolex Submariner for under $14,000 these days, so being listed for just $8,100 is an absolute steal. 


The Rolex GMT Master II

The Rolex GMT-Master II has become one of the most popular watches in Rolex history. This is mainly due to the popular two-tone bezel that displays the time of day and night, as well as the second time zone feature. It has become a tool used by pilots, actors, businessmen, and other performers to help them stay in their home time zone and adapt quickly to new time zones.

Launched in 1955, the GMT quickly became known as Rolex's pilot's watch. However, Rolex redesigned the GMT and released the GMT-Master II in 1982. Today, the most famous GMT-Master II is the reference 126710BLRO with its red and blue "Pepsi" bezel and black dial. It's so iconic and so popular today that it ranks third in the top five new Rolex watches. There are eight different flavors of her: brown and black bezel (root beer), blue and black (Batman), and red and blue (Pepsi). It is also made of Oystersteel, Everose gold or a blend of Oystersteel and Everose gold.

The GMT-Master II is powered by caliber 3285 and has a power reserve of 70 hours. It features a separate hour hand with quick adjustment for easy time changes when arriving in a new time zone. Comes with a 40mm case and interchangeable Oyster and Jubilee bracelets. The $9,700 list price sounds reasonable, but it's very difficult to get a new GMT-Master II for less than $20,000 today. 


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