2023 Rolex Predictions

It's that time of year again when the Rolex community begins to wonder what the brand will do next year.

Jul 5, 2023

In the past, expectations for Rolex models were always high, but once they were announced, we always wanted more. At Wrist Advisors, we like to think bigger and that's why we're publishing our 5th Annual Rolex Forecast article with our 2023 edition.

For our Rolex 2023 Predictions, we predict what might happen to Rolex based on historical and market research. It is important to remind our readers that, as in the previous 4 years, our top 10 Rolex 2023 predictions are mere speculation and our opinion.

Before we dive into what Rolex will do in 2023, let's first recap what they have released in 2022. The three most notable releases of the previous year were the new green left-handed GMT Master II, the complete redesign of the Air King, and the introduction of the green Datejust 36mm and 41mm dials. The general consensus is that last year's releases were a bit lackluster with a bit of confusion. The left-handed GMT has left a lot of confusion, but this watch has fetched a premium in the second-hand market, so it is clearly wearable.

Okay, now it's time for us to make our predictions for the Rolex 2023. I think you'll agree with us that this list is bold, but honestly, it should be. Rolex is a brand with high expectations and endless possibilities. Also, who wants to dream of a bland announcement for 2023. 

1. Rolex will raise prices for 2023

While we may not want to hear it, Rolex will raise prices in 2023. The demand for their watches is too high. It's also worth considering that with everything from materials, logistics and wages having increased over the past few years, Rolex cannot just sit there and bear these additional costs.

2. The supply of authorized Rolex dealers will be improved

With Rolex reducing its authorized dealer network and increasing investment in production, the supply of Rolex watches at the point of sale will improve by 2023. This is great news if you live in the area. have one or more authorized dealers. approved but you might be disappointed if the nearest location is two hours away.

If you need advice on buying a watch from an authorized Rolex retailer, check out our guide.

  1. Famous Rolex watches will be discontinued The most anticipated part of the Rolex 2023 announcement will not be what they have released, but what Rolex has discontinued. Same every year. The community immediately checked the Rolex website to find what was missing, which led to what they gave up.

In our opinion, in 2023, Rolex will discontinue one or more of its popular stainless steel watches. This will facilitate the production of more precious metal samples, helping to generate more revenue for the brand.

Yes, I know it's very predictable, but this year we expect more disruptions than usual and this will be an opportunity for Rolex to clear the deck. These models can include Batman, Pepsi, Wimbledon Datejust, colored Oyster Perpetuals, and Kermit.

  1. We'll be amazed at a solid gold Datejust Our biggest prediction for the Rolex 2023 is that Rolex will release a Datejust in rose gold or solid gold on a Jubilee bracelet. The Datejust collection is the most popular and iconic collection, especially around anniversaries. Releasing a gold reference would be a nice blast from the past and really give this collection a champion. This may just be my opinion but if I had a choice between a Day Date bracelet or a solid gold Jubilee bracelet, I would choose Jubilee every day.

It's no secret that Rolex is turning its business into precious metal watches. Does it make sense if you really think about it? Rolex will sell all the watches it makes, so why not sell more watches at a higher profit margin, right? There were days when authorized dealers had to discount solid gold Daytonas, but that is long gone. That's why we don't think it's unrealistic for Rolex to release a solid gold Datejust in 2023. 

  1. Submariner will get new colored dials in stainless steel models Rolex has been at the forefront of incorporating color into its watches. They led the green sport watch movement and two years ago shocked the watch community with the blue dial Tiffany OP watch. We predict that in 2023, Rolex will launch a Submariner with a red dial/bezel combination.

To be fair, if Rolex did that, they couldn't be considered the leaders as Omega and IWC have been championing red dials over the past year, but their success has been astounding. By far the most popular Omega Aqua Terra last year was the red terracotta dial. It is rare for Omega watches to create a long waiting list, but it does happen. We hope Rolex will capitalize on this trend and really deliver a shiny new Submariner.

  1. New two-tone GMT Master II For years we have predicted Rolex will bring back Coke (red/black bezel) ever since they brought Pepsi (red/blue bezel) back, but this year was different. In 2023, Rolex will launch a new two-tone GMT Master II watch with an all-green bezel or Tiffany's all-blue bezel.

Historically, these two colors have been one of Rolex's most successful. It would make sense to toss one over the new two-tone GMT Master II, which would really make it the best new watch of 2023.

7. New Rolex watches 2023 will be available upon launch

Watch brands, including Rolex, were terrible at announcing new watches but only hit stores six months later. With production standardized and some even said to have improved, we expect Rolex to supply its authorized dealers with the new 2023 watches as soon as they are released. onion.

If you really pay attention, Rolex will listen to its community. A good example is that in the past 2 years they have made prudent decisions to combat the gray market. The reason we're listing it in our Rolex 2023 Predictions is because the time from launch to availability is often lower than usual and is voiced by the Rolex community. Hopefully we will see an improvement this year. 8. Used Rolex prices to drop in 2023 As economies continue to decline, it is unthinkable that the market for used Rolex watches will decline. Globally, we tend to tighten spending when interest rates rise, and with that, luxury goods will naturally decrease. In my opinion, this is a good thing. The used Rolex market has spiraled out of control and needs to be regulated. Hopefully in 2023, the price of used Rolexes will continue to fall.

In addition to the economic issue, there have been reliable reports that Rolex has actually improved its manufacturing operations. If true, that's just another factor that will contribute to the used market not thriving in 2023 as it once was. 

8. Rolex will unveil new watches at Watches & Wonders 2023

Rolex will be unveiling new 2023 watches at Watches & Wonders on March 27, 2023. This is the first official date for the annual watch event and Rolex just happened to be in attendance last year. It makes sense for Rolex to continue to be at the show and present its new watches on day one.

9. Other Rolex Women's Sports Watch Selections for 2023

Rolex is very successful in selling the Datejust collection to women, but we expect women to have more options with stainless steel sports watches in 2023. We are not sure Rolex will do this. but we hope this will be a priority in the future. If that happens, we predict it most likely means a 37mm Submariner will fit a woman's wrist perfectly. 


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